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college application results are in


March 1st   this week’s results

Aoyama Gakuin University

Graduate School of Literature
Historical Research Major

Mr. Tong (Taiwan)


Kyushu University
Graduate School of Engineering

Mr. Lee (China) 

Feb. 22nd  this week’s results


Sapporo University
Dept. of Business 

Mr. Zhang (China) 


Osaka Kyoiku University

Education & Research Dept.

Ms. Huang (China) 

plus 1 vocational school.

Feb. 15th  this week’s results

Waseda University 

Graduate School of Business

Mr. Zhou (China) 


Musashino University

Dept. of Business Management

Ms. Yuan (China) 

Feb. 8th  this week’s results


Japan University of Economics
Dept. of Management

Ms. DAKSHINI (Sri Lanka)


plus 1 vocational school

Feb. 1st  this week’s results


Oberlin University

Dept. of Business Management

Mr. Yin (China) 

・plus 5 vocational schools

Jan. 25th  this week’s results



Meikai University  Dept. of Economics

Mr. Bai (China)



Senshu University  Dept. of Literature

Ms. Wu (China) 


plus 1 vocational school

Jan. 18th  this week’s results 

Ochanomizu University
Literature Education Dept.

graduate program

Ms. Yong (China)

Takazaki Economics University

Regional Policy Dept.

Mr. Cheng (China)

・plus 1 vocational school 

Jan. 11th  this week’s results

Institute of Technologists
Technologist Study
Master’s Degree Program

Mr. Zheng (China)



Musashino Art University
Art & Design Dept.

Ms. Hao (China)


Kanto Gakuin Universtiy
Dept. of Science & Engineering

Mr. Geng (China)

Dec. 17  this week’s results

Meikai University
Real Estate Dept.
*via special recommendation*
Ms. Zhang (China) 

Bunka Gakuen University
Fashion Creation Dept.
Ms. Fang (China)

Tokyo University of Technology
Computer Science Dept.
Ms. Liu (China) 

plus 4 students gained admissions to vocational schools 

Nov. 30  this week’s results

Japan Institute of the Moving Image 
Movie Dept. 
Mr. Yu (China)

Seigakuin University Political
Economics Dept.
Mr. Pang (China)
Oberlin University
Business Management   
Mr. Xiao (China) 
plus 10 students gained admissions to vocational schools 

Nov. 16  this week’s results

Yokohama City University
International Business
Mr. Pang  (China)

Shonan Medical Welfare Vocational School

Ms. NOUELA (Philippines)

plus 3 students gained admissions to vocational schools 

Nov. 9  this week’s results

Tsukuba University Graduate School
Humanities & Social Sciences
History and Anthropology
Master-Doctorate Program
Mr. Wang (China) 

plus 9 students gained admission to vocational schools.

Nov. 2 this week’s results

Meikai University
Faculty of Foreign Languages 
Japanese Language Dept.
*via special recommendation*
Mr. Wu (Taiwan)  
plus over 20 students gained admission to various vocational schools.