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Bring your favorite memories of Yokohama to the cover!

2024.03.06Classes & Students

The cover of this year’s graduation anthology has been decided. We spoke to the author, MISS THI (Advanced Class, Vietnam). [Click here for photos of the graduation ceremony]

Q. How did you feel when you wrote this piece?

The theme is “Victory!” I wrote it with the message, “Everyone can do it. Please do your best with hope!”

Q. How did you like YIEA?

From the time I entered the school until now, it has been fun and the time has gone by so quickly. I also fell in love with Yokohama.

Q. Please tell us about your future plans.

Writing manga is my hobby. I am planning to work in interior design in Japan and am currently job hunting.

Thank you very much for your wonderful work. Good luck with your job hunting!

In addition to cherry blossoms, the motifs were the Landmark Tower near the school, the Cosmo World Ferris wheel, and Chinatown.