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I am working at Nissan in Niigata.

Mr. ARUNA (Sri Lanka), a graduate of YIEA, drove his car from Niigata to came to YIEA to visit us.

Q. It’s been a while! How was your two years at vocational school?

A. I studied to be a mechanic at Niigata International Automobile College. I passed the national exam and have been working at Nissan since April. Since the employment rate is 100%, all my classmates also got jobs.

Q. What about Niigata?

A. The people of Niigata are all warm-hearted and I have come to love Niigata. I didn’t want to leave here, so I got a job at the local Nissan.

Q. How is your job?

A. Lately, I’ve been failing less and getting yelled at less often. All the people around me are Japanese. When I don’t understand the Niigata dialect, I ask for help. My job is very rewarding as it involves handling the customers’ precious cars.


The teachers were happy to see ARUNA in such good health. His Japanese has become completely fluent! Please keep up the good work!