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Walk around Sakuragicho, Yokohama (1) “From Kamonyama Park to Nogeyama Park, Teacher Kawai”

2022.07.29Yokohama +

There are many nice walking spots near the school. I asked the teachers where they recommend. Please try it.

Do not turn toward the school on the slope to the school (Momijizaka), but go straight up. Turn right at the first corner and you will find Kamonyama Park at the end.  It is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, but the azaleas and hydrangeas are also beautiful. There is also a large children’s playground.

At the top of the park is a statue of a man named Ii Kamonnokami Naosuke. A person who opened Yokohama Port to foreign countries at the end of the Edo period and created opportunities for development in Yokohama. He was assassinated by those who opposed the opening of the country, but he is a hero for Yokohama.

After leaving Kamonyama Park, which is named after that person, the Yokohama Noh Theater is on the immediate right. Before the Corona, I was able to see the real Noh stage whenever there were no performances, but now I need to make a reservation. However, if you pass nearby during a performance or rehearsal, you may hear the sounds of drums and flutes and unique shouts.

From Noh theater, head toward Yokohama City Central Library. Go up the road behind the library and you will see a green hill on your right. This area is Nogeyama Park.

There is also a zoo with free admission in the park, but instead of it today I will go to the observatory. You can see the city of Yokohama by taken an elevator from the observatory.

A large square with a flower bed near the observatory. Roses and seasonal flowers bloom here. There is also a basketball court. It’s also good for jogging.


From here, you can also go to Hinodecho Station, which will be introduced later.

(Sentence and photo / Teacher Kawai)