HomeBlogThe 2024 Intercultural Exchange Event has ended.

The 2024 Intercultural Exchange Event has ended.

The beginner students experienced origami. It was a bit difficult to fold Pikachu. But the Pikachu they made was especially cute.

For calligraphy, they wrote their favorite words with a brush and ink. Most of the students had never tried calligraphy before, but they all created some truly wonderful works!

For the traditional games, we listened to a fun story from Mr. Mitsuzawa Gucci and experienced traditional games played by Japanese children. Time passed quickly as we all laughed and played together. Thank you to Mr. Mitsuzawa Gucci for this year.

They taught the students how to sit and bow when playing the shamisen and Japanese dance. It was a little difficult to sit upright, but the students are now able to sit properly. The students learned that each way of holding a fan has a different meaning. At the end, everyone was moved by the teachers’ beautiful shamisen sounds and graceful dancing! Thank you very much to Teacher Tomishino Seishu and Teacher Mizuki Kazuan.