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Seniors graduating this fall (1) VIHANGIKA

VIHANGIKA (Sri Lanka) who is going to graduate school at Yokohama National University. In graduate school, he is studying economics.

What is your future dream?

I also studied economics at a university in Sri Lanka. Since I studied at university using government money, I would like to give back to Sri Lanka in the future. My dream is to become a teacher of economics at a university in Sri Lanka.

How was YIEA?

I studied for 2 years starting from Elementary 1 class. In the last class, the Sri Lankan student was left alone, but the students from other countries such as China and Vietnam got along well and treated us like family. I will never forget that. My teacher always asked me if I was okay, so I never felt lonely.

What is your best memory?

I traveled with students from Russia and China. We went to see the sunflowers and went to Kamakura!

VIHANGIKA, please do your best for your future dreams.