My Journey in Japan

Studying in Japan was not my initial ambition. I was thinking about studying abroad in U.S.A. However, my perspective changed after listening to advises from friends. It is true that English is an important foreign language to master, but the influence of Japan is so widely felt in Asia that it should not and cannot be ignored. In order to learn Japanese properly, the only way was to go to Japan. Thus the decision was made after a lot of considerations.
I studied 2 years at the Japanese Language Institute starting with absolute zero knowledge of the language. During my time at school, I wouldn’t say that studying was the only thing that I did but I did become more enchanted about reading. Bookstores in Japan are very nice and are stocked with all kinds of books. There is a big bookstore close to school and I went there often after school. I bought tons of books even though I didn’t even understand any of the Japanese! After I get home, I would take out my dictionaries and look up every single word and expression and take note to memorize as many as possible. For an introductory student, that was definitely not an easy undertaking. But it definitely became beneficial as I persevered. At the same time, I also try to imitate the accent and speed of the Japanese I hear flowing out of radio and TV. Before I know it, I was able to speak the language naturally like a native Japanese person. Of course, as a student, listening to teachers in class and doing homework properly was the most important of all.
Thanks to the help of my teachers, I was able to pass the JLPT Level 1 and also enter the graduate school of Waseda University majoring in Japanese Language Education. When I first had to listen to seminars along with other Japanese graduate students, I found it difficult to adapt due to the complexity of the content and the speed of progress. On top of it all, I realized how much more there is to learn about the Japanese language! Right now I am continuing my study in Japanese Language Education but since it was not my original major in university, I must study harder than the other students. To be honest, sometimes the going gets so rough that I feel like giving up. But since I have chosen this road myself, I should not complain. It is the undeniable destiny for a foreign student.


Kuzkova Tatyana

I, Kuzkova Tatyana, was born Aug. 15, 1975 in Russia. My father was a soldier and we moved to Ukraine when he got stationed there. I attended a Music Academy and majored in Conducting and Music Education. In 1998, I met a Japanese woman who came to Kiev to study ballet. This chance encounter was what interested me in the Japanese language. I attended a local private Japanese language school in Kiev but finished the two-years course in one year! Acting on the advice that “in order to further your study the only way was to go to Japan”, I came to Japan three years ago in July.

After studying Japanese language for 2 years at Yokohama International Education Academy, I was able to achieve a functional level of Japanese ability. This year I graduated from Tokyo Seishin Technical College for Cooking with an official Chef’s License and a Food Coordinator’s License (Grade 3). I am presently developing new recipes as a food coordinator and am also modeling for a number of magazines and appearing in numerous TV programs.

With all your kind support, I expect further achievements will come.

Kuskova Tatyana