Optional Activities

Enrollment in a Standard Japanese or ZERO Japanese course is required for entry. Minimum enrollment of 2 weeks.

Traditional Culture and Activities

Starting with activities like calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony, students experience traditional culture, as well as participating in more common activities like cherry blossom viewing picnics (hanami.) In addition to gaining knowledge, through actual experience, students gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.
Three 90-minutessessions per week. The activities repeat every 12 sessions; participation of 2-4 weeks is recommended.

Pop Culture

Students research and put together presentations on topics related to contemporary young Japanese culture (cosplay, maid cafes, video games, etc.). Discussions of the topics in classes will also help increase each student’s Japanese ability. Topics in Japanese pop culture will be explored deeply, encouraging a more fundamental understanding of Japan as a whole.
45-minutes classes per week; 2-4 weeks participation only. Japanese level equivalent to JLPT N4 or higher.
Participants must have a digital camera (and video recorder) and computer of their own.


With a basis in the student’s knowledge from studying in the elementary or intermediate classes, this course aims to increase their real communication ability.
Five 45-minute classes per week. Elementary and intermediate class students only.

JLPT Preparation

Based on the JLPT syllabus, all four fields, grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading receive full emphasis, as students study material conforming to actual test questions, using the newest study materials. As students progress through the course, mock exams will be administered to measure their level of achievement.
JLPT N2, N3, or N4 only. Five 45-minutes classes per week. Available April to June, and October to December for 8 weeks each.


Traditional Culture & Activities 2-4 weeks 12,000/wk
Pop Cultur 2-4 weeks 12,000/wk
Conversation 2 weeks 10,000/wk
JLPT Preparation 8 weeks 10,000/wk
(Japanese yen; 8% consumer tax included)
*Tuition will be adjusted in the event of changes to the consumer tax rate.

Application procedure

Please apply at the same time as Standard Japanese or ZERO Japanese course.