Student Dormitory

All student dormitories are located in close vicinity to the school and are situated near supermarkets, convenience stores post offices and train stations, making them convenient places to live.

  • women’s dorm for 18 people, 1 minute walk to school
  • ¥32,000/ month and up
  • men’s dorm for 19 people, 15 minute walk to school
  • ¥33,000/ month and up
  • women’s dorm for 4-5 people, 7 minute subway ride
  • ¥30,000/ month and up
  • studio-type for 1-2 people, 15minute walk to school
  • ¥33,000/ month and up
*Entrance charge, deposit, utilities and fire insurance will also be required.
*Initial agreement must be for one half year (2 academic terms) and the full payment must be made in advance.

Short term stay for students on other visa

  • Dorm fee  ¥150,000 (one term)
  • Deposit        ¥ 15,000
*Utility costs included in dorm fee.
*2 people or more per room