What makes us special



Overview of Our Courses


  • We have Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Seminar levels and more sub-levels to ensure that students are placed in the most appropriate class.
  • Students not only acquire the knowledge equivalent to N1 level but also learn appropriate usage beyond.
  • A variety of elective classes are available for students above N2 level. They provide opportunities to learn Japanese language from different angles, making for a more comprehensive language education.
  • EJU preparations & mock exams
  • JLPT preparations & mock exams
  • Graduate School Preparation Class
  • We provide complimentary grammar and kanji review lessons. We also offer mock-interviews for students who require them.

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YIEA and Students

We emphasise on a Japanese language education which helps students achieve real life goals.The majority of students are in their twenties, and 400-500 students from various countries join us every year.


Curriculum and Teachers

All our teachers are native speakers of Japanese and qualified language instructors.All classes are taught in accordance with our prescribed curriculum; students use the same textbooks across classes of the same level.



For maximum efficiency, we utilize the “direct method” of language teaching where only Japanese is used in class.Students from different countries all communicate in Japanese. The number of students in each class is kept under twenty to ensure personal care to each student.


Cultural Experiences

Students not only learn Japanese in class but acquire a versatile understanding of Japanese language and Japanese culture through school events such as Speech Contest and Cultural Exchange held throughout the academic year.

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Student Life



Government Sponsored Subsidy
Available to students with excellent grades and attendance records.
¥30,000 monthly financial aid is awarded for one year.

YIEA Subsidy
Awarded to students at the time of graduation for excellent achievement in securing a spot in a top-flight university.


All student dormitories are located in close vicinity to the school for comfort and convenience.
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Student Insurance

All students are covered by accident insurance for the duration of their enrollment in case of accidents or injuries.